faderfox founded 2004 by Mathias
highly specialized company for midi controllers
one-man-company (don't need CEO, CPO, CTO, CMO, CSO, CHRO, CQO.......)
multiplex functionality (development, production, purchase, sales, distribution, marketing, catering...)
born in chemnitz / east germany (knows two worlds)
lives in hamburg (green peripherie)
has developed tons of software and hardware (different light, sound, control things)
likes all kinds of electronic music
drinks water, tea, beer (prefers wernesgrüner pils)
keeps personal contact with customers by email
hates contracts
loves his babies (each birth is a big moment)
goes every year to the Alps mountain (only summer tracking)
gets best support everyday by his lovely Gitti
has thousands of new ideas
his head works (developes) each night and day
prefers small things (controllers, cars, rooms, cakes....)
needs a lot of electricity everyday
appreciates each idea and support by his son Mathias


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