Universal Audio

Universal Audio was a designer and manufacturer of recording, mixing and audio signal processing hardware for the professional recording studio, live sound and broadcasting fields. Universal Audio was responsible for many innovations in the recording and sound reinforcement industry including the modern mixing console layout, per channel equalization (or EQ) and effects connectors (or send buses). The firm began in Chicago, founded by Bill Putnam Sr. in the 1950s, as a design and manufacturing addition to 'Universal Recording', his recording studio business. When Putnam moved to Hollywood in 1957, the manufacturing company was renamed UREI, and included a division called Teletronix.

Universal Audio is a designer and manufacturer of audio signal processing hardware and DSP software founded in 1958 by Bill Putnam. The current incarnation of the company was re-established in 1999 by brothers Jim Putnam and Bill Putnam, Jr. Universal Audio merged with Kind of Loud Technologies to achieve two goals: "reproduce classic analog recording equipment designed by their father and his colleagues" and "research and design new recording tools in the spirit of vintage analog technology."

Today, Universal Audio continues in the tradition established by Bill Putnam Sr., replicating modern versions of the classic UREI and Teletronix designs. Universal Audio also manufactures DSP cards and audio plugins for music production under the UAD-2 platform. They've garnered several TEC Award nominations and a FutureMusic Platinum award for their work with Putnam's son Bill, Jr. serving as CEO.


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