Manufacturer and distributor of 45rpm record insert and turntable adapters.
We also specialize in “Custom Printing” on our 45rpm insert and turntable adapters for record shops, labels, bands, releases and special events. We have supplied custom adapters around the world from London and Paris to New York, Melbourne, Vancouver, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville and Tokyo to name a few.
Our plastic 45rpm record insert adapters are available in a variety of colors, including red, black, orange, blue and yellow as well as ‘Glow in the Dark’.
In addition to the traditional, plastic 45rpm insert adapters, we have a full range of 45rpm turntable adapters including:
• Professional Classic aluminum 45rpm turntable adapters
• Plastic Dome 45rpm turntable adapters
• Classic Plastic 45rpm turntable adapters
• Unique “Doughboy” and “flower-power” shaped turntable adapters
• Special “Overhang Checker” turntable adapters to assist in setting up your turntable and stylus.


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