well tempered lab

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William H Firebaugh
Chief Designer – A man who literally lives and sleeps by his work. It is William’s sincere belief that the phonograph record is one of mankind’s finest achievements. His first recollection of the phonograph record was in 1939. He was fascinated by the music coming from the record and remains just as fascinated today.

Frank Denson
Proprietor – Joined with William in a joint venture to bring the Well Tempered Lab products to fruition. Gets quickly bored by mediocracy, pretends to be a fly fisherman, wine connoisseur and art critic. Analog collection is humongous.

Mike Thomson
Manager – Franks right hand man, quite low maintenance, some say if he was any more laid back he would be horizontal. Partakes in a plethora of outdoor pursuits, dabbles in digital, listens to records.

Ken Higinbottom
Right hand man to the right hand man.


Opera Audio – Manufacturing
Our good friends in Beijing, Opera Audio, we freely acknowledge their contribution in bringing the Well Tempered Lab designs to a reality. We enjoy their company, listening rooms, their art and dining out experiences.

Dynavector Systems Tokyo – Influence
The legacy of the late Dr Tominari, his family and all the personnel at Dynavector Tokyo, especially Masaaki Sasa.

Disclaimer: The Well Tempered Lab is a registered trademark that is owned by William Firebaugh. Other parties regretfully continue to use the Well Tempered Lab name without authority, we deeply regret any confusion. Life is too short for litigation.


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