Alesis Studio Electronics was founded in 1984 by Keith Barr (who co-founded MXR) in Hollywood. Leveraging his ability to design custom integrated circuits, Barr's company was able to introduce products with feature sets that, up to that time, had been extremely expensive. Alesis' products were within the realm of most project studios, making them very successful. Alesis' first product was the XT Reverb. Introduced in 1985, the XT Reverb was an all-digital reverb that carried an unprecedented low price of $799. Barr recruited Russell Palmer as Operations Manager and Robert Wilson to handle international sales so that Barr could continue to focus on engineering.
In 1986 Alesis produced the first under-$1000 16-bit professional effects processor, the MIDIverb. Next, after teaming up with Marcus Ryle (who later founded Line 6), Alesis introduced the MMT8 hardware sequencer and the very successful HR-16 drum machine in 1987.


meatsock posted 4 years ago:

Quadrasynth and Quadrasynth Plus synthesizer keyboards
Andromeda A6 polyphonic analog synthesizer
Fusion 6HD, 8HD synthesizer workstation keyboard
ION analog modeling synthesizer

1986 MIDIverb - world’s first pro 16-bit effects processor under $1,000
1990 SR-16 - all-time best-selling drum machine
1991 ADAT - industry-standard multi-channel recording technology
1993 Quadrasynth - professional synthesizer
1994 Monitor One - professional reference studio monitors
1995 DM5 - all-time best-selling rack-mount drum sound module
2000 A6 Andromeda - highly acclaimed synthesizer
2001 HD24 and MasterLink - best-selling non-computer-based recording technologies
2004 MultiMix USB - the world's first mixers with USB audio interface
2005 micron - DSP synthesizer
2005 MultiMix Firewire - the world's first mixers with FireWire audio interface
2006 electronic drum line launches with ControlPad and DM5 Kit
2007 iMultiMix - the world's first mixers with Universal Dock for iPod
2007 MultiMix USB 2.0 - the world's first mixers with multi-channel USB audio interface
2007 Trigger|iO - the world's first drum trigger-to-MIDI interface with USB
2008 SR18 - 24-bit drum machine/three-part sequencer
2008 ProTrack - the world's first professional handheld stereo recorder for iPod and iPhone
2010 DM10, DM10 Pro Kit, DM10 Studio Kit – power-packed line of electronic drums
2010 VideoTrack – the best-sounding videocamera
2011 DM8, DM8 Pro Kit, DM8 USB Kit – highly affordable line of electronic drums
2011 PercPad – the most compact, most affordable percussion multi-pad
2011 iO Dock – the world's first pro audio/MIDI/video dock for iPad

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