Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH
Geigerstr. 13
D-82166 Graefelfing / Germany

Phone: +49 89 89809510
Fax: +49 089 89809511
Emails: see email list

Office hours: Mo - Thu: 9 am until 4 pm, Fri: 9 am until 2 pm.
No shop ! Sale and pick up only after appointment !

Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH is a manufacturer of audio hardware, mostly synthesizer modules (modular synthesizer) based in Gräfelfing, Germany, founded by Dieter Döpfer. The product range covers analog modular systems, MIDI controllers, MIDI hardware sequencers, MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync Interfaces, MIDI master keyboards and special MIDI equipment.
Dieter Döpfer began developing audio hardware with a Voltage Controlled Phaser (VCP) module for the Formant, a do-it-yourself-kit analog synthesizer from Elektor magazine in 1977. Several legendary modular synths followed while Döpfer also focused on the development of MIDI equipment during the 1980s.
In 1992, Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH released the MIDI analog sequencer MAQ16/3 which was designed in cooperation with Kraftwerk. In the beginning, the company had direct sales and interested musicians would receive a demonstration by visiting other customers since the modular systems were deemed too difficult for typical music shop employees to demonstrate. Facing greater publicity, Doepfer shifted the distribution to specialized points of sales.


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