Rising out of the ashes of former East German state synthesizer company Vermona, HDB Electronic initially found it hard to establish a foothold in the market. After doing development work for other companies, they formed HDB Audio and produced studio equipment such as tube preamplifiers and a tube spring reverb. But it was not until 1998 that these developers of the GDR's only monophonic analogue synthesizer (also called Vermona) worked on a new instrument — the DRM1 analogue drum module (see review in SOS April 2000 or at This product, born out of HDB's contact with other German companies MAM and Touched By Sound (under whose brand name it was marketed), was the kickstart required — and HDB developer Bernd Haller started to dream of resurrecting an earlier idea for a polyphonic analogue synthesizer with the project name 'Mephisto'.
Differences with Touched By Sound eventually led to HDB Audio deciding to distribute their own products — under the now reclaimed name Vermona. Sadly, the Mephisto has been shelved for various reasons, not least that initial press releases were too early and contained far more speculation than was healthy
You can reach us by phone on working-days from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (UTC + 1.00).

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HDB electronic GmbH
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08258 Markneukirchen

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meatsock posted 4 years ago:


a phono amplifier converts the low-voltage output of a turntable needle to the -10dBv consumer line level format. this applies only to interface boxes used in between a record player and mixer or receiver. there is almost never an inbuilt speaker or speaker output.

a power amplifier takes instrument, mic, or line level inputs and amplifies them to drive loudspeakers.

the amplifiers on this page are power amplifiers

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