Sonab was a Swedish company that mainly made ​​speakers. Sonab was also known under the brand name Carlsson. Many of the company's loudspeaker designs are considered classics internationally, but its advanced design made ​​speakers are expensive to manufacture and the company was financially no success.


Stig Carlsson began to construct the speaker on 1950's. In 1966 he founded the company Sonab. In the late 1960s ended Sonab of acute economic crisis in 1969 and was taken over by Statsföretag . Statsföretag gave Stig Carlsson substantial research resources and after a few years could be 1970's series presented. 1978 Statsföretag laid down Sonab and the entire loudspeaker manufacturing, this after they lost hundreds of millions of crowns on trying to produce and sell poorly developed mobile phones without a market there. Besides the speakers were marketed even receivers, tape decks and turntables under the brand Sonab, but those manufactured by other companies.

Some models
LOAS 1011 (Carlsson, 1953)
OA-6 (mid-1960s. OA stands for Ortho Acoustic, 6 indicates the number of built-in speaker drivers)


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