STOKYO Co., Ltd. is a company founded by Charles Akira Ono and Co., of Tokyo, Japan.
The company was established in 2004, and currently operating from Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan.

STOKYO Co., Ltd. along with affiliate company in Los Angeles, California (USA), STOKYO, LLC under the STOKYO CORPORATION are companies focusing on markets of Japan and in import/exports for overseas markets. STOKYO specializes in distribution of Premium DJ products, from hardware, software, accessories and analog records. STOKYO also has been with experience with Vinyl production through our key engineers and staff with over 50 years in Analog Vinyl production and specialization. Responsible for several hundred titles, STOKYO has produced, released and project managed, analog releases involving the most intricate and complex in manufacturing know how.

Another operation at STOKYO focuses on apparel and prime novelty items/consumer goods distribution. STOKYO Co., Ltd. has established through the years distribution for apparel and various consumer goods (mainly in music relation novelty/equipment goods, licensed artist products, etc) for companies overseas and into the Japanese market.Furthermore, our other services offer marketing and distribution on/offline, advertising and as a bridge through the Pacific/Atlantic for companies wishing for Japanese market entry andvice versa for business’ in trade for global markets. STOKYO have been involved in the birth of various key products involving many brands from DJ to Clothing, and we’ve decided it’s time to come live and direct.
From out of the shadows and into the light we will continue to deliver THE GOODS.

214 Main St. #471
El Segundo, CA 90245


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