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Bang & Olufsen is a Danish consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products, television sets, and telephones. It was founded in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, whose first significant product was a radio that worked with alternating current at a time when most radios were run on batteries. In 2004, the company opened a factory in the Czech Republic where it employs approximately 250 staff producing mainly audio products.

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CEO: Tue Mantoni
Founded: 1925
Headquarters: Struer, Denmark
Founders: Svend Olufsen


meatsock posted 5 years ago:

B&O products often have a unique appearance and user-interface.[citation needed] Early models are collectible decades later.[19] B&O uses a Beo prefix for the names of its product lines.
Beocord refers to tape recorders, both open-reel types and cassette decks. B&O was a pioneer in cassette technology,[citation needed] having had design involvement with Dolby HX Pro.
Beomaster refers to receivers. B&O's more recent receivers feature the ability to receive complex programming. The 5000 series through the 7000 series features two-way communication with the remote controller, called the "Master Control Panel". The most famous Beomaster is the Beomaster 1900 from 1976. It was the first consumer electronics product with touch controls. Similar models were made until the end of the 1980s
Beogram refers to turntables and, later, CD players. B&O developed electronically controlled tangential turntables in the 1970s, starting with the Beogram 4000 of 1972. The last tangential tracking turntable was the Beogram 7000, which were taken off the production lines in 1995. B&O has also produced radial tracking turntables.
Beolab refers to amplifiers and powered speakers (loudspeakers with built-in amplifiers), and as of 2011, all new powered speakers use ICEpower.
Beovox refers to passive loudspeakers (i.e., without internal amplification)
Beolit refers to the range of portable radios
Beosystem early refers to a line of components—e.g., Beomaster, Beogram, and Beocord—which matched one another in both appearance and operation. The first Beosystem were the Beosystem 1200 of 1969–1973, and the last were the Beosystem 7000 of 1992–1994. And now refer to the Audio/Video central processing unit (BeoSystem 2; Beosystem 3).
Beocenter refers to one-piece audio systems. B&O, at one time, made elaborate products that incorporated receivers, turntables, and cassette decks into a single components called "Beocentres"
BeoCom & BeoTalk refers to the company's line of telephones and telephone accessories, such as answering machines
Beovision refers to a line of televisions
Beosound refers to the current range of music systems and audio products. Since November 2010 the range has included an iPod/iPhone/iPad-Dock.
Beotime refers to the company's advanced alarm clock
Beoplayer refers to the company's media player for free download
Beoplay refers to the company's spin off brand and line of consumer audio equipment including bluetooth speakers (such as the BeoPlay A9 ) and headphones (such as the BeoPlay H6
Many old B&O audio components do not use the USA standard RCA connectors. Instead, they use the German standard 7-pin DIN connectors to carry two channels of audio and one channel of data.

meatsock replied 5 years ago:

list of audio products

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