Serendipity is the sensation of discovering something unexpected while you're searching for something else. This tends to be thanks to fate and luck; but also the ingenious spirit of observation.
This is a key theme in the old story of the 3 Princes of Serendip, the moment to attempt a trip to discover the unknown through new realities and forgotten truths. Its centres around the motion of letting us drive into the unknown by remote intuitions and free will. This was the inspiration to creating the first concept store of Milan where Music, Design, Art and Culture meet and travel in the same direction.
SERENDEEPITY is a laboratory, a meeting place, a crossroads of passions, an unconventional creativity, a pulsating centre of positive energy which aggregates and wants to be watched and listened to.
Serendeepity is the new space in Corso di Porta Ticinese 100 which reinterpret the usual idea of store shifting into a multifaceted and innovative Concept Store.
The music division is very select and current, receiving new records every day. The contour is based on hi-fi type headphones, turntables and various accessories. The furniture is also in continuous evolution, this is thanks to the constant research of modern art furniture from the fifties to the present. The clothing department owes many thanks to the collaboration of various "researchers" of rare vintage pieces, not only this, but also the support of many fashion designers that have the chance to expose and promote their own work.
Periodical music, art and fashion all contribute to make the store a perfect place to discover the latest tendencies. Uniqueness and originality are the base of the store's philosophy; a changeable reality that aims to contribute to the vitality of the city, and a creative base for the organisation of cultural events for the Milanese night-life.


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