Ecler was born in 1965 in Barcelona (Spain).

Originally Ecler was designing and manufacturing HI-FI audio products but in early seventies decided to start working in professional audio. The main reason was the strong demand of audio solutions for the buoyant tourist industry in Spain. Hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs were opening all along the Spanish coast. For more than thirty years Spain was in the top three countries in the world receiving more tourists per year and is still the first country in the world with more bars and clubs per inhabitant. This was the background were Ecler grew up as a company. This meant designing products (mainly amplifiers) able to supply all the power all the time in the most tough conditions (working at maximum power for many hours and keeping always the same level of output power) and being always reliable (the sound system cannot stop because it is the heart of the club / bar).
This aim to develop reliable and top quality audio amplifiers led us to develop and own a patent on SPM (Switching Power MOSFET) Technology. The project was launched in late 80’s in collaboration with Motorola and in 1988 first products were in the market (PAM 500 and PAM 800). This component (SPM) was previously used only in the robotics industry and Ecler was the first company to develop a design in pro audio amplification.


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