Audio & Design (Recording)

Audio & Design (Recording) Ltd are an English based company who specialised in the development and production of professional audio processors, in the form of limiters, compressors, expanders & equalisers. The company were one of the first to introduce Field-effect transistors into a commercially available limiter amplifier in 1966. Audio & Design (Recording) equipment has been widely used by professional studios, music artists and the broadcasting industry throughout the world. Recently the company has installed and serviced the BBC World Service's multi Terabyte archive installation using Storage area network technology (SAN).

From the early 70’s, Audio & Design (Recording) was very successful with its famous range of transistor designed limiters & compressors which sold worldwide to professional recording studios, music artists and the broadcast industry.

Since the mid 80’s, the company went on to pioneer many digital interface products that have allowed a broad spectrum of the professional audio market to convert and edit digital protocols.

Today, Audio & Design Reading Ltd has evolved to become a major consultant for IP video & audio codec technology for the Broadcast market. The company is widely recognised for its dedication to high quality manufacture of grade 1 Video, & AES digital clock reference generators, Professional DAB Receivers, digital audio distribution and management modules, and digital mic amps. Audio & Design also supply many of the major Broadcast Stations with DAB transmission monitoring & control equipment.


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