Koma Elektronik

located in Berlin’s Neukölln area in Germany and we build innovative musical equipment for musicians and producers. We want to put the fun of creating and playing around with sound back into music by making analog gear that gives you, the musician, the power and possibilities to create and develop unique sounds. We want you to think about what you are doing and to be able to literally construct what you hear in your head.

Our equipment is not standard and doesn’t sound standard, but it challenges you as a user to give that extra bit that makes the music you make more creative, powerful and most of all: more fun!

The core team of KOMA Elektronik is Christian Zollner and Wouter Jaspers, by some of the work we are helped by a group of awesome people: artists, musicians and engineers.

We believe in freedom and the power of creativity. We love what we do and we are far from finished.


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